If you are an Indian you must be aware of how difficult it is to get a Tatkal Ticket booked Online. The feeling when you a get a confirm Tatkal ticket is the same as if you won a lottery worth a million.

Apart from the Internet connection that you are using, one of the most important factor between you and your confirmed booking is Time. You need to be very quick while you book a tatkal ticket and if you’re not a fast typist you may end up filling passenger detail form just to find that there are no seats left. For Tatkal tickets, IRCTC website opens at 8 AM in the morning and you have to be quick enough to fill the passenger detail form which can improve your chances of getting a ticket.



Magic Autofill is a tool which will help your chances of getting a Tatkal ticket. What you have to do is to visit http://ctrlq.org/irctc/ well before you book your ticket online. Once you have completely filled the form, Press I’m feeling Lucky and it will generate a Magic Autofill Button. Just drag that Magic Autofill button on to your bookmarks bar.

While booking your actual ticket on IRCTC website once you reach the page where you have to fill all the passenger details just hit that Magic Autofill Bookmark and Voila!!! You’ll see that in a second your form is complete. It will surely save 2 to 3 minutes of yours and would increase your chances of getting a confirm ticket.

Note: 1) Sometimes the IRCTC form may not have every field that’s available on the Magic Autofill website (say Food preference or ID details) and in that case, you MUST ignore these fields on the Magic Autofill site. It’s always beneficial to try this once so that you don’t make mistakes when you actually book a ticket.

2) In Internet Explorer, right-click the Magic Autofill button and choose Add to Favorites to place that link in your IE favorites.

Hope this will help you.
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